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The purpose of the Operational Programme Technical Assistance (OP TA) is to finance administration and to support the absorption and administrative capacity and complementary activities needed for a successful operation of the entire system of ESI Funds in the programming period of 2014–2020. The OP TA will be crucial for ensuring successful activities of the Ministry of Regional Development in the role of the National Coordination Authority and other bodies. The goal of the OP TA is to make sure that ESI Funds resources are used as efficiently as possible.

Differences compared with 2007–2013

A major simplification of the programme structure and extending the range of possible beneficiaries.


Service programmes to ensure high-quality implementation, ensuring administrative capacity and monitoring system.

Thematic objectives

  • N/A 
  Supported areas:
  • Priority axis 1: Support for Partnership Agreement management and coordination
  • Priority axis 2: Single monitoring system


OP Technical assistance

Basic informations

Managing Authority: 
Ministry of regional development CZ


Allocation: 0,22 mld. EUR

Fund: FS