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NSRF Coordination Committees

The NSRF Coordination Committees (CC) were established as working and, at the same time, advisory bodies of the MCC for resolving specific issues in the framework of the given NSRF objective.

With regard to the fact that coordination between the operational programmes often includes specific sectors, such as R&D, the environment, transport, urban issues, and regional development, the NCA organises, in addition to regular negotiations with the MCC, meetings aimed at the four strategic objectives of the NSRF - NSRF Coordination  Committees. 

  1. Competitiveness of the Czech economy
  2. Open, flexible and cohesive society
  3. Attractive environment
  4. Balanced spatial development

The NSRF Coordination Committees were set up based on Government Resolution No. 1180 of 22 October 2007, specifically Article 6 of Annex 1 thereto, and on Chapter 11.2 of the National Strategic Reference Framework. They form a platform for discussion and cooperation between the NCA and the various MAs and partners.  The objective of the activity of the coordination committees is not only monitoring of the attained state of utilisation and assessment of the impact of interventions, but also identification of any deficiencies or weaknesses in the implementation of the SF/CF.
According to the statutes of the NCA, the Coordination Committees comprise NCA members, or other experts appointed by the NCA.  Heading the coordination committee is a manager who is a representative of the NCA. They are convened as required.