NCA Working Group

The National Coordination Authority, in compliance with the National Strategic Reference Framework, ensures coordination between the various operational programmes and is responsible for the effective functioning of this coordination. The NCA Working Group (NCA WG) serves as a basic coordination framework on the working level for the Managing Authorities in all areas of implementation.

The NCA Working Group serves in particular for the regular, mutual exchange of information in all aspects of implementation; furthermore, changes in issued NCA methodological guidelines and recommendations are discussed here, as are changes in European legislation or events on the level of the EC and Member States.  The NCA WG is thus the basic instrument of communication between the NCA and the MAs and covers all other specialised working groups.
The National Coordination Authority convenes the NCA WG as needed (once month, as a rule).
The NCA WG is composed of representatives from the NCA, cooperating MoRD departments, PCA, and AA on the level of managers (i.e., directors).   The meetings of the Working Group may be attended by other representatives of entities that are involved in the implementation process, as well as by experts on the issue concerned.