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Monitoring of Material Progress

Material monitoring pertains to the material focus of the project and allows monitoring of correspondence between reality and planned objectives using measurable indicators. This monitoring takes place on a continuous basis and assesses the material and financial use of funds from European Union resources in all phases of implementation of operational programmes and projects.

The requirements for the scope of the data  for financial and material monitoring of common projects and operational programmes on the central level is based on the availability of monitoring data in the pertinent modules of the information systems of the Managing Authorities within the MSC2007 central monitoring information system. 
The Managing Authorities of the operational programmes supply and update data and information about the material fulfilment of indicators in the MSC2007 central monitoring information system in regular intervals. The monitoring frequency of the various monitoring indicators depends on the requirements pertaining to the content, structure and  deadlines of annual reports on the implementation of operational programmes and, furthermore, the needs of ongoing assessment (evaluation) of hitherto results and subsequent needs of management of the implementation of the objectives of the operational programmes.  
The indicators are used to monitor project implementation results, areas of intervention, priority axes and operational programmes with regard to the stipulated objectives. The list of monitored indicators is approved by the monitoring committee and is part of the implementing document. Applicants for financial aid are obliged to provide in their application project monitoring indicators and, in particular to indicate the quantification of the selected indicators that have a connection to the indicators stipulated as part of the area of intervention in question in the implementing document. The project monitoring indicators are then set out in the project financing agreement and have key significance when assessing the implementation of projects. The fulfilment of monitoring indicators is reported in the monitoring reports.
Failure to observe the monitoring indicators may lead to partial or even full revocation of the provided aid.

The National Coordination Authority monitoring and assesses contributions in kind on a regular basis.