The general EIA/SEA ex ante conditionality deals with the existence of measures for efficient implementation of legal regulations related to EIA (environmental impact assessment) and SEA (strategic environmental assessment).

The general ex ante conditionality Existence of a functional arrangement, which ensures efficient application of EU legal regulations related to EIA and SEA, sets the framework for environmental impact-related Czech legislation in line with EU legislation. In this context, a working group was established to prepare a draft amendment, which is in close contact with the European Commission and which is working on an amendment to the EIA act. As for the checking of the EIA process quality, the ME is currently applying the system of authorized persons preparing the EIA documentation and external opinions on EIA, which represent another tool to check the quality of information contained in the EIA documentation. On this basis, the Ministry of Environment provides methodical guidance to all personnel implementing the EIA and SEA Directives.

Information concerning EIA and SEA are provided to all staff via the information system and by issuing guidance notes. Regional officials also regularly use the possibility of individual consultations. Likewise, the Ministry of Environment contacts the staff at regional authorities and consults with them the current issues in EIA or SEA.  All personnel implementing the EIA and SEA Directives are also qualified to provide consultancy concerning EIA and SEA.