More than EUR 347 billion was allocated for the cohesion policy in all the Member States in the programming period 2007–2013, which is more than one third of the EU budget for this budget period. The Czech Republic may draw more than EUR 26 billion from these European Union funds. The Member States' investments in this period were concentrated on the objectives arising from the European Union's strategy for growth and jobs (the Lisbon Strategy).
The conditions for the utilization of funds from the EU budget are laid down by EU regulations. Specific strategies and areas for drawing EU funds are provided for by the National Strategic Reference Frameworks, which were prepared by all the Member States and subsequently approved by the European Commission.
The Czech Republic aims to utilize the EU Funds to fulfil the following objectives:
  • competitive Czech economy
  • open, flexible, and cohesive society
  • attractive environment
  • balanced territorial development

These objectives are fulfilled through operational programmes, which are also defined in the National Strategic Reference Framework. You can find the specific areas of intervention, the possibilities of drawing funds under these programmes and other useful information in the Operational programmessection.
Objectives of the regional policy for the programming period 2007–2013
In the programming period 2007–2013, the regional policy pursues three objectives, for which it has allocated EUR 347 billion in the EU medium-term budgetary framework (the financial perspective) through the Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund:
  1. Objective Convergence:
promoting economic and social development of regions at NUTS II level with gross domestic product (GDP) per capita lower than 75% of the average of this indicator for the entire European Union. Moreover, states eligible for drawing under this objective are those whose gross national income (GNI) per capita is lower than 90% of the average of this indicator for the entire European Union. This objective is funded from the ERDF, ESF and CF and in the Czech Republic it applies to all cohesion regions except the capital city of Prague.
  1. Objective Regional competitiveness and employment:
promoting regions at NUTS II or NUTS I level which exceed the limit indicators for inclusion in the Convergence objective. This objective is funded from the ERDF and ESF and in the Czech Republic it applies to Prague.
  1. Objective European territorial cooperation:
promoting cross-border cooperation of regions at NUTS III level located along all internal and some external land borders and of all regions at NUTS III level along maritime borders within a distance of 150 kilometres. Furthermore, interregional and transnational cooperation of regions is supported. This objective is funded from the ERDF and in the Czech Republic it applies to all regions.
Objective Funds for the EU27 Funds for the Czech Republic
Convergence 283 mld. € 81,54% 25,88 mld. € 96,98%
Regional competitiveness  and employment 54,96 mld. € 15,95% 419,09 mil. € 1,56%
European Territorial Cooperation 8,72 mld. € 2,52% 389,05 mil. € 1,46 %
Total 347 mld. € 100,00% 26,69 mld. € 100,00 %

EUR 26.7 billion is offered to the Czech Republic from EU Funds in 2007–2013. For successful drawing, our state must add approximately EUR 4 billion as the European Union funds no more than 85 per cent of expenditures on activities carried out within the framework of the regional policy.