Programmes 2007-2013

In the 2007-2013 period, the Czech Republic will make use of 26 operational programmes, which are divided up among the three economic and social cohesion policy objectives.

Convergence Objective

Support of economic and social development of less advanced regions and Member States stands at its core. In the Czech Republic, all cohesion regions, with the exception of the Capital City of Prague, fall under its scope, and it is implemented through eight thematic operational programmes and seven regional operational programmes. EUR 25.89 billion are earmarked for the Convergence objective in the Czech Republic.
Seven regional operational programmes (ROP) for the cohesion regions (NUTS II) with EUR 4.66 billion being allocated to them in total: 

Eight thematic operational programmes with a total allocated amount of EUR 21.23 billion:


Regional Competitiveness and Employment Objective

This objective supports regions that do not utilise funds from Convergence. In the Czech Republic, the Capital City of Prague falls under its scope with two operational programmes.  EUR 0.42 billion has been earmarked in the Czech Republic for the Regional Competitiveness and Employment objective:


European Territorial Cooperation Objective

This objective strives to support cross-border, interregional and transnational cooperation amongst regions.
In the Czech Republic, all regions fall under its scope, and resources can be utilised from nine operational programmes. EUR 0.39 billion has been earmarked in the Czech Republic for the European Territorial Cooperation objective: