Regional Operational Programme NUTS II Moravia-Silesia

The regional operational programme NUTS II Moravia-Silesia (ROP Moravia-Silesia) is intended for the cohesion region Moravia-Silesia, which is identical to the Moravia-Silesia Region.
It focuses on: improving transport accessibility and connecting the region, which includes modernising public transport means; supporting the development of tourism infrastructure and services; preparing small business sites; and improving conditions for life in villages and in the countryside, chiefly through improving the quality of education, social and health care infrastructure.

How is ROP Moravia-Silesia Financed?

ROP Moravia-Silesia is a regional operational programme under the Convergence objective. € 734.27 million has been earmarked for it from the European Regional Development Fund.

What projects are supported by ROP Moravia-Silesia?

ROP Moravia-Silesia contains five priority axes dividing the operational programme into logical units, which are further materialised through areas of intervention, which define what projects may be supported under the respective priority axis. The priority axes are as follows:

Who can request assistance?

Regions, municipalities, unions of municipalities, organisations established or founded by regions or municipalities, Railway Transport Administration, public transport operators, owners of public transport stations and stops, the Fire Rescue Service of the Moravia-Silesia Region, state enterprises, health care facilities, schools and educational facilities, non-government non-profit organisations, entrepreneurs, professional organisations, citizens, and others.
ROP Moravia-Silesia was approved by the European Commission on 3 December 2007.