INTERREG IIIA Czech Republic - Poland

Basic characteristics of the programme

The Community Initiative Programme INTERREG IIIA is the largest and most important EU Community Initiative. Its implementation, prior to the accession of the Czech Republic, was co-ordinated with the programme Phare CBC following a joint programming document which defined areas and conditions for cross-border cooperation in terms of content, and to a great extent, procedure as well.

The programme, Phare CBC, was launched on the Czech-Polish border in 1999. The last year of the Phare CBC programme was announced in April 2004 with its termination and financial settlement planned for 2006. Projects implemented within this programme made a significant impact on the development of cooperation between people and institutions in the border area and on the gradual elimination of obstructions and borders between both states.

Responsibility for the programme

Pursuant to the decision of the European Commission, the national body responsible for the programme Czech Republic - Poland is the Czech Republic's Ministry for Regional Development, Department for Cross-border Cooperation.


Centrum pro regionální rozvoj
Evropská komise Interreg III
Stránky programu ČR-Polsko