The draft joint position of the EU and the Czech Republic stipulates that the Community Initiative LEADER+ will not be opened in the planning period 2004 - 2006 as an independent source of finance, however, activities such as LEADER+ may be integrated into relevant programme documents. For Objective 1, these activities will be financed through the EAGGF Guidance Section as part of structural funds financing. Implementation of LEADER+ in new member states of the EU should be focused on the LEADER+ Initiative Area 1 - Strategy of a pilot nature for the integrated development of rural areas.

As part of OP Rural Development and Multi-functional Agriculture the Czech Republic has decided to implement LEADER+ transitory measures in the form of selecting a limited number of local pilot action groups and co-financing the implementation of their local development integration strategies. The LEADER+ transitory measure is sub-measure 2.1.4 as part of the priority II OP RDMA "Rural development, fisheries and vocational training".

The decision is based on experience acquired within the SAPARD pre-accession programme.