The URBACT programme contributes to the creation and implementation of new solutions for urban regeneration to the benefit of all people in European municipalities. The principle measure of the URBACT programme is to create and secure the functionality of the networks of municipalities and their administrative divisions. The programme has 14 thematic networks, where experts from partnership municipalities of the EU member states meet, sharing their experience in dealing with the problems that municipalities and boroughs face. This programme offers interesting opportunities for cooperation between municipalities of the EU member states.

URBACT in the Czech Republic

The section of the Governing body for JROP and SPD Prague Objective 2 of the Ministry for Regional Development has been assigned to coordinate the activities of the URBACT programme as part of the Community Initiative Programme URBAN II. The URBACT programme is based on the Community Initiative; it associates municipalities within the framework of the URBAN programme and has two objectives:



Downloadable documents dealing with the issues of the URBACT programme:

URBACT (doc - 57,34 KB)
Sítě Urbact  (doc - 79,87 KB)
Action plan (doc - 786,43 KB)


The full text of the call for municipalities to join the research project on urban transportation is available for download in the following documents:

Výzkumný projekt městské dopravy (doc - 775,68 KB)
Výzkumný projekt (pdf - 170,78 KB)

Sub-project concept stemming from the need to define a common strategy to improve and revitalise urban and suburban areas.

In August 2005 the call No. 4 INTERREG IIIB CADSES - Neighbourhood Programme was announced. The city of Udine, Italy considers putting forward the project "Innovation of marketing strategies to revitalise historical centres and urban areas".

Total expected budget is € 750,000 €.

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