Operational Programme Infrastructure

The Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of the Environment are responsible for the content of this section and for the preparation of the programme.

OP Infrastructure focus

The overall aim of the OP Infrastructure is to protect and improve conditions in the environment and to develop and increase the quality of the transportation infrastructure whilst respecting the principles of sustainable growth with a focus on meeting EU standards.

The Operational Programme Infrastructure outlines the preparation of investment projects targeted at improving individual components of the environment, securing the development of new, quality, sustainable mobility for freely accessible and safe migration, services, goods, capital thus promoting the sustainable development of regions involved in Objective 1. The priorities for transportation respect the objectives of national strategic documents, such as:

Priorities of the programme for the environmental area:

Major investment projects and joint projects (so-called project groups) of national importance with costs not lower than € 10 million will be implemented through the Cohesion Fund. The problems of environmental training and education are dealt with in a complementary manner within the Operational Programme Human Resources Development. Projects of regional and local importance will be financed through the JROP.

The financial means to secure the OP Infrastructure will be drawn from ERDF.

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