Operational Programme Human Resources Development (OPHRD)

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs is responsible for the content of this section and for the preparation of the program.

The Operational Programme Human Resources Development (OPHRD) forms the basis for the implementation of ESF support for human resources development in the Czech Republic for 2004-2006.

The overall objective of the Operational Programme Human Resources Development is to achieve high and stable levels of employment based on a qualified and flexible workforce, integration of socially disadvantaged population groups and on the competitiveness of businesses whilst respecting the principles of sustainable development.

In addition to dealing with the problems of human resources development, there are four cross-sectional policies of general importance, the so-called horizontal themes interconnecting all specific and overall objectives within the whole program. The horizontal themes or principles for the OPHRD are:

One of the ways to achieve these goals is the effective use of financial aid provided by the EU to member states. In the Czech Republic it is the European Social Fund which enables us to receive this support through the OPHRD.

Applicants will be provided with support up to € 422.43 million (ESF provides € 318.82 million, € 103.61 million is co-financed through the state budget).

Operational Programme Human Resources Development is co-financed through the ESF.

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