The Joint Regional Operational Programme (JROP) is a summary document including the development priorities of seven cohesion regions (the entire territory of the Czech Republic excluding the capital city Prague), which can be supported from EU structural funds as part of Objective 1 in 2004-2006.

Within the JROP the emphasis is on the promotion of the balanced and sustainable economic development of regions, on the basis of initiatives from the public, non-profit and private sectors. The programme will be based on the elimination of factors impeding the development of a region's potential and aims to make use of the advantages that provide opportunities for economic growth.

The JROP primarily promotes the implementation of activities which fall within the competence of municipalities or regions in accordance with applicable Czech laws. This is what distinguishes the programme from the other operational programmes whose aims are to implement measures that fall predominantly within the competence of state in accordance with applicable Czech laws. Priority 4 - Development of tourism industry is an exception where, in addition to promoting activities of a local or regional nature, activities of a horizontal or interregional nature are supported as well.

The JROP primarily aims to achieve sustained economic growth and improvements in the quality of life for the regional population through new economic activities with an emphasis on the creation of jobs both regionally and locally, on improvements to the quality of the infrastructure and the environment, and on the general development of human resources and the reinforcement of social integration.

JROP deals with the following areas and priorities:

  Name of priority, measure, sub-measure EU support
in millions EUR
Priority 1 Regional support for enterprise  
Measure 1.1. Support for business activities in selected regions 45,138
Priority 2 Regional development of infrastructure  
Measure 2.1. Development of transport in regions 151,964
Sub-measure 2.1.1 Regional development of transportation infrastructure 106,375
Sub-measure 2.1.2 Development of urban traffic in regions 45,589
Measure 2.2. Development of information and communication technologies in regions 22,517
Measure 2.3. Regeneration and revitalisation of selected towns 22,517
Priority 3 Development of human resources in regions  
Measure 3.1. Infrastructure for HRD in regions 45,025
Measure 3.2. Support for social integration in regions 37,143
Measure 3.3. Reinforcement of the capacity of local and regional bodies to plan and implement programmes 10,135
Priority 4 Development of tourism  
Measure 4.1. Development of services for tourism 36,024
Sub-measure 4.1.1 Support for interregional tourism industry services 18,012
Sub-measure 4.1.2 Support for regional and local tourism industry services 18,012
Measure 4.2. Development of tourism infrastructure 72,060
Sub-measure 4.2.1 Support for interregional infrastructure in the Czech Republic 36,030
Sub-measure 4.2.2 Support for regional and local infrastructure in the Czech Republic 36,030
Priority 5 Technical assistance  
Measure 5.1. Technical assistance for JROP 6,720
Measure 5.2. Technical assistance for CSF 5,087
JROP TOTAL   454,33

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