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Methodological Management

The National Coordination Authority (NCA) is, among others, the central methodological authority for economic and social cohesion policy in the 2007-2013 period. The central methodological roles of the NCA is carried out in particular via the below-listed outputs in overlapping areas shared by all operational programmes, such as horizontal topics, pubic aid, eligible costs, etc.
The most important NCA outputs that fulfil the NCA’s function in the field of methodological management comprise the following:
  • Methodological documents, where the various types differ according to the degree to which they are binding (guidelines x recommendations). The binding nature of the methodological document in question is always specified in its introduction or in the pertinent chapter.
    • Methodological guidelines issued by a decision of the Government of the Czech Republic – Documents that methodologically regulate the most important areas of implementation. They are issued by a decision of the Government of the Czech Republic.
    • Methodological guidelines – Documents that methodologically regulate important areas of implementation.
    • Methodological recommendations – Documents stipulating recommended procedures in specific implementation issues.
  • Specialised workshops and seminars in particular in the case of unimplemented or innovative aspects of implementation.
  • MoRD-NCA standpoints in the case of very specific aspects of implementation.

The complete versions of the various methodological documents can be found here (in Czech).

In addition to methodological documents prepared by the NCA, methodologies and manuals prepared by the Community Support Framework (in Czech), which covered and coordinated economic and social cohesion policy in the Czech Republic in the 2004-2006 period, also pertain to the 2007-2013 programming period