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Single Programming Document for Objective 3

The Single Programming Document for Objective 3 of the NUTS 2 Prague region (SPD 3) is a reference document for use as the basis for supporting the development of human resources in the region of Prague, using Czech national resources and those of the European Social Fund (ESF).

Objectives of the programme

The main objectives of the programme are an efficient labour market based on a qualified workforce, competitiveness of employers, the use of the research and development potential of the regions, social integration of disadvantaged groups and equal opportunities whilst respecting the principles of sustainable development.

The total volume of financial support intended for SPD 3 in 2004-2006 is € 117.6 million.

For whom is the financial aid intended?

1. Citizens:

  • Job applicants, the long-term unemployed and those at risk of becoming unemployed;
  • Persons at a disadvantage when entering the labour market;
  • People caring for a dependent family member;
  • Employees, employers and people intending to start up a business;
  • Tutors, consultants, consultancy service staff;
  • Students, school graduates and junior researchers;
  • People intending to start up technology-oriented businesses.

2. Organisations, companies, institutions:

  • Labour offices and co-operating organisations;
  • Non-governmental non-profit organisations;
  • Primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities;
  • Educational institutions and consultancies;
  • Pedagogical centres, subjects carrying out eco-educational programs;
  • Human resources specialists, entrepreneurs and employers in Prague;
  • Public administration and Capital City of Prague's employment services staff; professional associations and chambers, employee associations;
  • Business subjects active in the tourism industry.

What are the priorities of the programme?

The priorities of the program are to comply with the European Employment Strategy and National Employment Plan. In order to achieve the main objective of SPD 3 four priorities have been defined, with nine measures specified within them.


Who participates in the implementation of SPD 3?

SPD 3 is managed in accordance with the agreed implementation structure which, at the management level includes the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic (MLSA) as the Governing Body (GB) of the entire SPD 3, and also includes Intermediary Subjects (IS) which, for selected measures, are the MLSA Employment Service Administration, the Capital City of Prague (CCP) and the Civil Development Society Foundation (CDSF).

Another element of the implementation structure are the Final Recipients (FR) through which the ESF support is channelled. These include CCP Department of Social and Health Care, Municipal Centre for Social Services and Prevention, CCP Department of Education and CCP Labour Office. These will be the key contact points for Final Users (aid recipients).

For more details on SPD visit the official website of the European Social Fund at    .


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