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Operational Programmes

The Czech Republic has prepared four sector operational programmes and one regional - Joint Regional Operational Programme (JROP) within the support of the European Union.

  • Joint Regional Operational Programme (JROP) is complementary to operational programmes of separate sectors and to the Cohesion Fund, it extends their influence at local level and it is orientated to common development needs in regions.
  • OP Infrastructure supports modernization and development of transport infrastructure of nationwide importance and reducing the negative effect of transportation on the environment. It will further support environmental protection and its segments (water, air and climate, waste handling), protection of nature and the countryside and removal of old environmental burdens.
  • OP Rural Development and Multifunctional Agriculture supports development of rural parts of regions, Czech agriculture adaptation for European model, development of multifunctional agriculture, making multifunctional role of forests more effective and development of water management.
  • OP Human Resources Development supports high and quality level of employment based on a qualified and flexible labour force, including integration of endangered groups via social exclusion, equal opportunities for men and women, development of lifelong learning and adaptability of employees and employers to changes of economic and technological conditions.
  • OP Industry and Enterprise supports development of business environment, business in industry and in industrial services, increase in competitiveness of Czech industrial production, research and development in industry and development and increase in energy efficiency.

Operational programmes survey and their connections to appropriate structural funds

Data are in %; in brackets, departments have been stated that are in charge of authorities of a particular OP

OP Industry and Enterprise (MIB) 17,94 17,94      
OP Infrastructure (ME) 16,94 16,94      
OP Human resources Development (MWSA) 21,920   21,92    

OP Rural development and Multifunctional Agriculture (MA)

11,96     11,46 0,50
JROP (MRD) 31,24 27,99 3,25    
OP Total 100,00 62,87 25,17 11,46 0,50

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