Objective 3 Czech Republic-the Independent State of Bavaria 2007-2013

Who May Ask for the Support?

Public entities, entities controlled by public legal persons, non-state non-profit organizations.

Who Is in Charge of Objective 3 CR-Bavaria?

The managing authority is the Bavarian State Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology; in the Czech Republic, the responsibility of the National Authority is borne by the Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic.

How Is Objective 3 CR-Bavaria Financed?

Objective 3 CR-Bavaria is financed from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The program of cross-border cooperation Objective 3 Czech Republic-the Independent State of Bavaria 2007-2013 (Objective 3 CR-Bavaria) falls within the regional operational programs of the European Territorial Cooperation objective and the amount of EUR 115.51 million has been reserved for it from the EU funds, which will be supplemented from Czech and German national public resources with EUR 20.38 million. For the Czech part, the amount of EUR 55.04 million (approx. CZK 1.55 billion) is planned from the EU funds, which amounts to approximately 0.21 % of all finances intended for the Czech Republic from the EU funds.

It is focused on support of cross-border economic, cultural and community cooperation, development of tourism, support of education and social integration, improvement of transport accessibility of the cross-border region and environmental protection.

As concerns the operational programs of cross-border cooperation, the cross-border effect of the project is important as both sides of the border must provably benefit from the project realization. In addition, the projects have to include beneficiaries from both countries that cooperate at least in two of the following ways: common preparation, common realization, common use of employees and common financing.

What Projects Are Financed from Objective 3 CR-Bavaria?

Objective 3 CR-Bavaria includes 2 priority axes dividing the operational program into logical units and those are further specified by means of the so-called areas of support, which define the types of projects that may be supported within the respective priority axis.

Operational programs are at the moment being evaluated by the European Commission. Hence it is necessary to consider the following examples of the supported projects as non-binding ones as the operational programs may still change according to the European Commission's comments.

Economic Development, Human Resources and Networks

The amount of EUR 72.2 million has been reserved for priority axis 1 from the EU funds, i.e. 62.5 %.

For example, support of cross-border cooperation in the area of research, development, market analyses, marketing, exhibitions and fairs, cooperation in consulting for enterprises for example by economic and commercial chambers, support of the transfer of technologies and know-how of small and medium-sized enterprises, support of professional education and improvement of qualification, construction and improvement of the cross-border infrastructure for training and general education, science and research, creation of offers of consulting and nursing services, drug prevention programs, protection of disadvantaged persons, cooperation in the area of cultural, natural and health tourism, establishment and improvement of quality of tourist facilities, cycling tracks and cycling paths, horse paths, thematic and educational tracks, cross-skiing tracks and their marking, creation of information and promotional materials, establishment or construction of museums, information centers, support of small projects in order to deepen the cross-border contacts (disposal fund), measures in the area of civil protection and protection against disasters, measures aimed at preparation, management, monitoring, evaluation, notifying and control of the program, measures aimed at reinforcement of the administration capacity for application of finances, etc.

Territorial and Environmental Development

The amount of EUR 43.3 million has been reserved for priority axis 2 from the EU funds, i.e. 37.5 %.

For example, measures in the area of species protection and biotope protection, anti-flood measures, support of cross-border water and energy supply systems, systems and facilities for water treatment and waste disposal and removal of old burdens, reintegration of unused areas into economic use, use of renewable resources of raw materials, economic disposal of energy resources, information and monitoring in the area of environment, support of the cross-border territorial planning and regional development including the preparation of studies and concepts, construction and improvement of the cross-border transport infrastructure, support of ecological forms of transport, development and improvement of cross-border transport information and guiding systems, etc.