Operational Program Interregional Cooperation

The operational program Interregional Cooperation is a joint one for all EU member states as well as for Norway and Switzerland.

Who May Ask for the Support?

Public authorities and institutions, the nature of which is equal to the one of public authorities.

Who Is in Charge of the OP Interregional Cooperation?

The managing authority of the OP IC is the Conseil RĂ©gional Nord - Pas de Calais in France; the National Contact Point in the Czech Republic is the Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic.

How Is the OP Interregional Cooperation Financed?

The OP IC is financed from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The Operational Program Interregional Cooperation (OP IC) falls within the operational programs of the European Territorial Cooperation objective and the amount of EUR 321.32 million has been reserved for it, which will be supplemented from national public resources of the participating states by EUR 83.77 million. The Czech public resources shall participate in the program financing with the amount of EUR 0.17 million. Within the project, there is no specific financial allocation for individual countries.

The project is focused on cooperation between public authorities and institutions with the nature of public authorities at the regional and local levels with the objective of exchanging and transmitting experiences and findings of the joint development of approaches and tools that will improve effectiveness of the regional development policy. The main areas of cooperation are the innovations and knowledge economy, the environment and the protection against risks.

Two types of projects are realized: exchange of experiences (the so-called Regional Initiatives - TYPE 1) of the concerned parties at the regional and local levels in the defined territories in order to identify the best procedures and development of new tools and approaches that are subsequently taken over into practice. The other type of projects is the transmission of experiences (the so-called Fast track - TYPE 2) by means of cooperation in networks, within which the more experienced regions on the respective territory shall hand over its experiences to the less experienced regions.

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What Projects Are Financed from the OP Interregional Cooperation?

The OP IC includes 3 priorities dividing the operational program into logical units specifying the types of projects that may be supported within the respective priority.

The European Commission approved the operational program on 11 September 2007.

Innovations and Knowledge Economy

The amount of EUR 176.7 million has been reserved for priority 1 from the EU funds, i.e. 55.0 % of the OP IC.

For example, strategic cooperation for optimization/increased use of new, environmentally friendly technologies, exchange of experiences with restructuring of regions dependent on a traditional industry, collection and transition of goods experiences to science parks, innovation centers, business incubators or clusters, cooperation in the field of financial assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises and in the field of risky capital development, support of economic diversification of rural areas, exchange of information about development of public services based on ICT in order to increase effectiveness and competitiveness of trade and business, exchange of the best procedures upon training and keeping the research employees, common activities for improvement of the labour market with participation of discriminated groups like women and older employees, etc.

Environment and Protection against Risks

The amount of EUR 125.3 million has been reserved for priority 2 from the EU funds, i.e. 39.0 % of the OP IC.

For example, exchange of experiences with increasing of the awareness and crisis planning in regions like the complicatedly built dams, seismic regions, regions predisposed to floods, etc., exchange of experiences with solution of air pollution, strategy for improvement of water supply quality and its treatment including the cooperation in the area of water management, exchange of experiences in order to improve waste management, support of species or protection of the environment of their natural presence that were given priority within Natura 2000, notification of the pieces of knowledge and experiences concerning vehicles with low fuel consumption and new driving technologies in order to reduce emissions, information systems for better management of traffic and improvement of the course of traffic and improvement of data monitoring about municipal transport, development and exchange of common strategies aimed at promotion of cultural assets as a potential for economic development of the regions with emphasis on maintaining tourism, etc.

Technical Assistance

The amount of EUR 19.3 million has been reserved for priority 3 from the EU funds, i.e. 6.0 % of the OP IC.

Financing of activities connected with the program management, for example wages of employees engaged in the OP IC management, project assistance, organization of project evaluation, project monitoring, financial management and financial control of the program, processing of analyses, studies, reports, provision of promotion, etc.