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The Presidency of the Czech Republic - CZ V4 PRES

Since 1 July 2015, the Czech Republic has been presiding the countries of the Visegrad Group. Meetings of the member countries take place at various levels. Cooperation of individual ministries and departments in the programme is the most significant. Prime Ministers meet once a year at a conference.

Documents arising from the meetings are mostly opinions or declarations and therefore they are not legally binding. The countries take turns in the V4 presidency after a year and the symbolic sceptre of the presidency is always handed over at midnight from 30 June to 1 July.

The cornerstone of the V4 countries is the common idea of cooperation among neighbouring countries and the platform is useful for developing relations across the entire Europe. The V4’s connection with Austria and Slovenia is ensured by the Regional Partnership and the members also cooperate with Germany thanks to the V4+ programme.

The Czech Presidency programme devolves closely from the current situation which affects the developments in Europe. The meetings will thus focus on migration policy, Russian politics in relation to the Ukraine and the political situation in the Balkans and in the countries of Eastern Europe.

Further, the agenda will include debate about the European Commission’s legislation on the digital internal market and the energy union. The V4 countries have agreed that before2016 they will form a common Visegrad battle group of the European Union called EU Battle Group (EU BG). This group will serve in defence and security cooperation efforts.

The aim of CZ V4 PRES is to find a common answer acceptable for all members of the V4 countries.


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