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About the Programme

The Operational Programme “Technical Assistance” (OPTA) is intended to support a consistent approach on the national level that guarantees effective management, control, monitoring and assessment of the implementation of the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF), which covers the operations of economic and social cohesion policies in the Czech Republic in the 2007-2013 period.

Who May Ask for the Support?

The Ministry for Regional Development (NSRF Management and Coordination Department, EU Publicity Department, Monitoring System Administration Department, OPTA Managing Authority Department, NSRF Training Department, and European Affairs Section), the Ministry of Finance (Paying and Certifying Authority, Audit Authority, AFCOS), the relevant authorities acting as authorised auditing entities, and the  Centre for Regional Development of the Czech Republic.

Who Is in Charge of the OPTA?

The Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic, specifically its Operational Programme Technical Assistance Managing Authority Department, acts as the OPTA Managing Authority.  

How Is the OPTA Financed?

The OP TA is financed from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The OPTA falls within the multi-objective thematic operational programs. A larger portion of the program is financed from the finances of the Convergence objective, a smaller portion from the finances of the Regional Competitiveness and Employment objective. The total amount of EUR 0.29 billion has been reserved for both objectives from the EU funds and the state budget.

The OPTA supplements the other operational programs that inter alia also dispose of finances for technical assistance for the sake of their effective management. The OPTA provides them with technical support and it arranges a coordinated approach to operational program management and it ensures realization of activities connected with operational program management with an overlap across all operational programs, for example arrangement of publicity of EU funds at the national level and in relation to horizontal topics.

What Projects Are Financed from the OPTA?

The OP TA consists of 8 priority axes, four of which are intended for the Convergence objective and the other four for the Regional Competitiveness and Employment. All these priority axes are divided into identical areas of support defining the types of activities that may be supported within the respective area of support.

NSRF Implementation Technical Assistance for the Convergence Objective
The total amount of EUR 286.9 million has been reserved for objective 1 from the EU funds and the state budget, i.e. 98.4 % of the OP TA.

NSRF Implementation Technical Assistance for the Regional Competitiveness and Employment Objective
The total amount of EUR 4.6 million has been reserved for objective 2 from the EU funds and the state budget, i.e. 1.6 % of the OP TA.


Summary of priority axes for objectives 1 and 2:

The contents of the priority axes 1 and 2 are absolutely identical.

1A and 1B Management and Coordination Support
Objective: To ensure the methodical and coordination role of the ESC policy for the program period 2007-2013 on the basis of a uniform implementation environment, transparent and effective financial management. A specific task will be the coordination of ROPs and the preparation of a new program period of 2014 +.

  • 1.1A and 1.1B NSRF Implementation Management
  • 1.2A and 1.2B Financial Management, Control and Audit
  • 1.3A and 1.3.B ESC Management and Coordination
  • 1.4A and 1.4B New Program Period 2014+ Preparation


2A and 2B Monitoring

Objective: To ensure a functioning monitoring system for management, monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects and electronic data transfer on the basis of a uniform, central information system, immediate data access and a quality operating environment for monitoring.

  • 2.1A and 2.1B Monitoring System


3A and 3B Administrative and Absorption Capacity

Objective: To improve the quality, increase the relevance, effectiveness, consistency, reinforce the strategic use of assistance provided from the Funds and improve OP implementation on the basis of assistance and development of the administrative and absorption capacity.

  • 3.1A and 3.1B Support of Administrative Structures Including the Professional Education
  • 3.2A and 3.2B Support of Absorption Capacity


4A and 4B Publicity

Objective: To increase the level of the public awareness of the existence, purpose and objectives of the European ESC policy in the Czech Republic as well as on the general level and to encourage further interest in opportunities and realistic benefits from realization of individual SF and CF programs in the Czech Republic.

  • 4.1A and 4.1B Activities for Awareness and Publicity
  • 4.2A and 4.2B Administration Communication Tools and Management of KoP of the OPTA.