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Management and Monitoring

Management of the Operational Programme “Technical Assistance” is taking place on a number of levels. The following entities are involved in it: The OPTA Managing Authority, the financial section, the intermediate body, OPTA Monitoring Committee, Paying and Certifying Authority, Audit Authority, authorised auditing entity, AFCOS.

Managing Authority

Ministry of Regional Development

Operational Programme “Technical Assistance” Managing Authority Department
Staroměstské nám. 6
110 15 Prague 1


MoRD, which has overall responsibility for the implementation of the programme. The Managing Authority may delegate part of its operations to intermediate bodies.  The principal tasks of the Managing Authority include the following:

  • Preparing and discussing the operational programme and submitting it to the European Commission
  • Implementing the system for collecting data necessary for the financial management, monitoring, verification, audit and assessment of the programme
  • Compiling a financial plan for the operational programme
  • Arranging the selection of operations for financing based on approved criteria
  • Verifying whether co-financed products and services were provided and whether the expenditures on operations recorded by the recipient are truly expended in compliance with EU legislation and national legislation
  • Drawing up the annual and final implementation reports and, once  approved by the Monitoring Committee, their submission to the European Commission
  • Guaranteeing the functions and operations of the Monitoring Committee - providing documents to verify the quality of implementation of the operational programme with regard to the fulfilment of its objective
  • Issuing decisions granting aid from the state budget and the EU structural funds
  • Arranging remedial measures in case of deficiencies
  • Ensuring compliance with the publicity and information requirements set out in Article 69 of the general regulation
  • Arranging evaluation of the operational programme under Article 48(3) of the general regulation and Article 47 of the general regulation

Intermediate Body

Centre for Regional Development of the Czech Republic

Vinohradská 46
120 00 Prague 2
Tel.: +420 221 580 201
Fax: +420 221 580 284

The intermediate body for the OPTA is the Centre for Regional Development of the Czech Republic. The principle tasks of the intermediate body include:

  • Accepting applications and recording them in the information system
  • Communicating with aid applicants and providing aid information to potential applicants
  • Checking formalities, acceptability of applications and evaluation thereof
  • Performing ex-ante analyses of project risks, ex-ante controls with the exception of ex-ante controls of public contracts
  • Cooperating during the issuance of managing documents/legal acts on the provision of support and verifying their fulfilment
  • Recording the relevant information on the course of administration of aid applications in the information system
  • Performing interim and ex-post analysis of project risks
  • Performing interim and ex-post controls of projects
  • Assessing changes during the course of implementation of projects, resolving cases of withdrawal from projects
  • Monitoring the implementation of projects
  • Administrating payment requests
  • Performing on-site verification of the various projects (Article 13 of Regulation No. 1828/2006)
  • Entering complete and correct data in a timely manner in the information system 
  • Providing information about suspected discrepancies 
  • Archiving project files
  • Taking part in drawing up reports on the management and control system for audit purposes


OPTA Monitoring Committee

The OPTA Monitoring Committee together with the OPTA Managing Authority guarantees the quality of implementation of the operational programme The aim of the OPTA Monitoring Committee is to ensure the effectiveness and quality of assistance provided in connection with the effective use of public funds. Its tasks and powers include the following:

  • Approving selection criteria for financed operations
  • Evaluating development in reaching specific objectives of the operational programme
  • Approving annual and final reports prior to being sent to the European Commission
  • Proposing examinations and reviews of the programme in order to achieve the stipulated objectives or improve their management, including financial management
  • Assessing and approving all proposals to change the content of decisions of the European Commission on the contribution of EU funds
  • Approving activity plans

The OPTA Monitoring Committee is chaired by the First Deputy Minister of Regional Development. Other members are representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Finance, and Centre for Regional Development of the Czech Republic, and representatives of regional committees, thematic operational programmes, the Association of Regions of the Czech Republic, the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic, the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic, and the Association of Non-Governmental Non-Profit Organisations. Representatives from the European Commission take part in the work of the OPTA Monitoring Committee upon request or at their own volition.

Paying and Certifying Body

Ministry of Finance

National Fund Department
Letenská 15
118 10 Prague 1
Tel.: +420 257 042 445
Fax: +420 257 042 334    

  • The National Fund Department of the Ministry of Finance is authorised to act as the Paying and Certifying Authority (PCA) for the structural funds and the Cohesion Fund. Its tasks include the following:
  • Administering the funds from the structural funds and the Cohesion Fund on the CNB accounts
  • Preparing and submitting interim and final payment requests to the European Commission for all programmes based on expenditure statements presented by the managing authorities
  • Accepting payments from the European Commission
  • Transferring resources from the Structural Funds to the revenue accounts of the various headings of the state budget 
  • Certifying costs incurred and drawing up the certificate of costs incurred
  • Conducting on-site controls
  • Returning unutilised resources to the European Commission
  • Guaranteeing the concept and methodology of development of the VIOLA information system for supporting the PCA including data communication with other information systems 
  • Assessing the utilisation of resources allocated from the Structural Funds

Audit Authority

Ministry of Finance

Audit Authority Department - Central Harmonisation Unit
Letenská 15
118 10 Prague 1
Tel.: +420 257 042 983
Fax: +420 257 042 545    

The Ministry of Finance - Audit Authority Department - Central Harmonisation Unit (CHU) has been authorised to act as the audit authority for financial control, which manages and methodologically coordinates the performance of the entire financial control system. The Audit Authority is primarily in charge of the following:

  • Arranging audits of the readiness of the managing and controlling system of the programme
  • Submitting reports to the European Commission assessing the setup of the managing and controlling systems of the operational programme
  • Monitoring the elimination of ascertained deficiencies
  • Submitting annually to the European Commission a consolidated  plan for auditing the resources provided from the EU funds
  • Guaranteeing the methodological management of other audit bodies involved in audits in public administration of the operational programme
  • Arranging audits in its purview on a suitable sample of operations to verify expenditures reported to the European Commission
  • Overseeing the quality of audits conducted by authorised audit bodies in the purview of the audit authority with respect to the operational programmes co-financed from the EU funds
  • Cooperating with the European Commission on coordinating audit plans (schedules) and auditing methods and exchanging the results of the conducted audits with this body
  • Drawing up a report each year on the results of financial controls of the programmes for the Government of the Czech Republic