Quarterly Monitoring Report

The document “Quarterly Monitoring Report on the State of Implementation of the Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund in the Programming Period 2007–2013” (further in the text described as “CMR”) is the main output of financial monitoring.

Since January 2014 the regular report will be published on quarterly basis.

The purpose of the CMR is:

The data in the CMR cover the main important stages in the process of a project realization. Those stages are: submitted applications, eliminated applications, applications under approval process, approved projects, payments to beneficiaries and amounts certified by the Paying and certifying authority (PCA).

The National Coordination Authority (NCA) at the Ministry of Regional Development is responsible for publishing of the CMR.

The NCA relies on data provided by managing authorities and intermediate bodies of the OPs, applicants and beneficiaries. Thus, the reliability of the CMR depends on the quality of data provided by those subjects.

The latest Quarterly Monitoring Report 

The latest version of the CMR is published here:     Quarterly Monitoring Report I.Q 2016 [PDF, 2.8MB] (Czech version only).

Archive of all published Monitoring Reports is  here (Czech version only). 


State of the cohesion policy implementation in the Czech republic

Note: Data refer to the state of financial drawing of 17 Czech operational programmes of the Objective 1 and 2; the state of financial drawing of the Objective 3 is not included.

The Figure below presents overview of the latest state of implementation of the cohesion policy in the Czech Republic.

Submitted applications

By 6th April 2016, the Managing Authorities have submitted applications in the amount of 1 362,7 billion CZK. The financial figure represents 201,5 % of the total allocation 2007–2013 (= total allocation used in the Czech Republic during the programming period 2007–2013, which includes the Structural Funds and Cohesion Fund).

Approved projects

By 6th April 2016, the Managing Authorities have approved projects in the amount of 747,2 billion CZK. The amount makes up 110,5 % of the total allocation 2007–2013.

Payments to beneficiaries

By 6th April 2016, beneficiaries have received 663,4 billion CZK, which is 98,1 % of the total allocation 2007–2013.

Applications for payments

By 6th April 2016, the Paying and Certifying Authority at the Ministry of Finance has sent the EC request for payments for 539,6 billion CZK, which is 79,8 % of the total allocation 2007–2013. 


Any comments or suggestions regarding the improvement of the Monthly Monitoring Report can be sent to these email addresses: nok@mmr.cz.