The National Coordination Authority (NCA), as the central coordinator, creates a single framework within the implementation environment for the Managing Authorities for the management, implementation, control, monitoring and evaluation of the operational programmes. It also arranges publicity regarding fulfilment of economic and social cohesion policy.

Management and Coordination Committee

The Management and Coordination Committee (MCC) is a mechanism on the national level for guaranteeing the broadest coordination with the participation of not only of the bodies involved in implementation, but also economic and social partners.

NSRF Coordination Committees

The NSRF Coordination Committees (CC) were established as working and, at the same time, advisory bodies of the MCC for resolving specific issues in the framework of the NSRF objective in concerned.

NCA Working Group

The National Coordination Authority, in compliance with the National Strategic Reference Framework, ensures coordination between the various operational programmes and is responsible for the effective functioning of this coordination.  The NCA Working Group (NCA WG) serves as a basic coordination framework on the working level for the Managing Authorities in all areas of implementation.